International Teacher Leader Conference

Part of being a researcher means sharing your finding with the larger community. I was able to do this through the fellowship at the International Teacher Leader Conference. I joined a team of women from my region, and brought on one from outside of our region, to present on personalizing PD for individuals.

We met at our regional meeting in Lake Mary, where we realized we had common struggles. Working with them gave me ideas for data collection on PD. I used initial surveys, but also follow-up surveys, and found new sources of data collection, like evaluation data. These eventually became my PD One Pager, but they were important for me to narrow down my inquiry question and prepare for the presentation in Miami.

Our main inspiration for our presentation was the open space technology format used at the institute in Boston. We wanted to use protocols to create discussion, and use our own inquiry questions as the basis for the discussions. Once the structure was written for the conference, it was simple to present. I spent significant time preparing my data to be able to answer questions about my progress in my inquiry.

Our greatest fear was that no one would choose our session! We had over 20 people, and we shared three questions first. I was part of the last group, so I had about half of the group. I shared what I had done this year as a TTD, and received positive feedback. On the session poster, nearly half of the comments came back to the idea I shared about flipping PD using Office Mix. This showed me that finding blended ways to integrate professional learning really intrigued others and that a research project centered around this would likely be well received at a future conference.

This artifact connects to equity in sharing best practices for all teachers, so that they have greater opportunities of better educating all students. It shows teacher as researcher in presenting data and findings to a larger group, particularly at an international conference, expanding my map of influence.