Strategies for Timing in Discussion

  • Use a specific time limit
  • Gauge for “lull” reminders throughout activity
  • Divide time for team members
  • Timed talking tool
  • Spider web (yarn ball) toss discussion group
  • Wait until students respond (no matter how uncomfortable at first)
  • Use an actual timer: online stopwatch, kitchen timer, Google timer
  • Differentiation: small group with their own timer & allotted time
  • Self-counting for wait time
  • Kagan selector tool timer
  • Write it down
  • Use phone timer
  • Watch alarm
  • “With-it-ness” knowing when to adjust time, monitoring group conversations
  • Daily routine
  • Giving think time, or time to jot down thoughts
  • Warning time
  • Clear up fallacies
  • Provide stem starters (“I think…” “I believe…” “I predict…”)
  • Use music (tabata timer)
  • Finger answers after wait (How many minutes do you need?)
  • Hands down and think 30 seconds, now up
  • Lights for timer
  • Plickers
  • Kahoot!
  • “Do the Dew” (walk back to desk for drink while giving think time)
  • Silent seconds to look over notes / ask a question

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